Apple Is a Great Dividend Stock Again - Motley Fool - Wed 9 Jan 19:18 GMT

Apple Is a Great Dividend Stock Again - Motley Fool

With the tech giant's shares crashing recently, its dividend is looking tastier.

  But CEO Tim Cook said in a letter to shareholders shortly after the quarter ended that actual revenue for the period is more likely to be around $84 billion -- a whopping $7 billion short of the midpoint of Apple's guidance range.

  Apple's dividend yield is more compelling With the stock sliding from a 52-week high of $233 last fall to about $151 at the time of this writing, the tech giant's dividend yield (total annual dividend payments as a percentage of a stock's price) has risen sharply.

  Furthermore, of Apple's free cash flow in the trailing 12 months ending Sept. 29, 2018, the company paid out just $13.7 billion in dividends.

  But Apple makes up for its unimpressive dividend yield with strong dividend growth potential.

  For investors looking for a strong and sustainable dividend with significant long-term growth potential, Apple stock is a great candidate.